"Inside This Peace" is a feature documentary about Thoa, a forgotten victim of Agent Orange living in Vietnam. Thoa got a scary skin with huge

  black patches, numerous lumps, and sprickly hair all over her body. The lumps are filled with fluid and can't drain. Her younger brother had a serious     heart disease and passed away at the age of 7.


 This documentary was produced by 9669 Films, a production company that has been in operation since January, 2014 in California, USA.

 The director of “Inside This Peace” is Linh Nga. Linh is having done writing and directing as well as acting and modeling since 1995. In 2003, Linh won

 the award for TV Best Series for "Xuoi Nguoc Duong Tran" at the Vietnamese International Film Festival.

 In January of 2019, "Inside This Peace" won Best Feature Documentary at California Women's Film Festival, and earned the Award Of Merit from Impact 

     DOCS Awards.

9669films all rights reserved

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